RenewU Ministries: Refreshing pastors in the wilderness of Alaska.

*Pastors and wives only: a time to renew for a pastor and his wife.

No longer accepting applications for 2020. Contact us with questions. Thank you!

Expected Lodge Completion: Fall 2020

“RenewU provided a place where e-mail, social media, and all electronic noise was replaced with silence, solitude, and rest. The opportunity to spend time enjoying God’s undisturbed creation is a re-energizing gift for any pastor.”
— David, Assistant Pastor at Judson Baptist Church


: to make (something) new, fresh, or strong again

: to make (a promise, vow, etc.) again

: to begin (something) again especially with more force or enthusiasm

We've seen the need and been given the opportunity to provide a solution!

“Spending time with the Sacketts in Alaska was a very fun, refreshing and beneficial experience for me.”
— Tom, Pastor at Fellowship Baptist Church

A note from our Founder/President to future participants: 


We at RenewU are grateful you took the time to visit our website to learn about our ministry. If you are a future participant, we are excited for the opportunity to refresh you in the scenic wonder and beauty of Alaska.  A trip like the one you will experience with us would cost you somewhere between $4,000 and $10,000 in the private sector. Thankfully, because of private donations to our ministry, we are able to offer this trip for a fraction of the actual costs. Everyone involved with RenewU is a volunteer, all of our board members, staff, and work teams serve you from their love for the Lord. You might wonder how your trip might be paid for and there are a number of viable options:

1)      A gift offering can be taken to send you and your spouse on a well deserved respite.

2)      The deacon/elder fund can be tapped for pastoral care and fund your trip.

3)      A private donation from a Christian business or person in your church might cover the cost.

4)      You might consider paying for your own trip if some of these other options don’t work for you.

A note to our contributors

Every dollar you contribute to RenewU is used for refreshing pastors. The effect of this is exponential as when you refresh a pastor you refresh a marriage, a ministry, and a church. The impact can be significant in the kingdom building process. Your donations to RenewU are completely tax deductable as we are an IRS recognized 501C3 non-profit corporation. Thank you for partnering with us by contributing the money needed to pay for these very special trips for a pastor and his wife. If you have any questions about our ministry, wish to donate equipment, or would like to offer your cabin/boat/plane/services I hope you’ll call me on my cell phone at 907-388-5040 as I would love to talk with you about your involvement with RenewU.

On behalf of the board of directors and staff at RenewU, Thank You for your donations!

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