We take pastors into the wild of Alaska where they can unplug, refresh, refocus, & renew. 

Expected Completion of Lodge: 2020

Why an application?

RenewU has limited availability and therefore has an application process. Pastors can apply themselves or someone can nominate them. Churches, individuals, or the pastors themselves  can sponsor the retreat. 

What a retreat could look like: 

Sunday: Travel and arrive in Fairbanks Alaska

Monday: Head out to Chatanika facility, relaxing afternoon

Tuesday-Friday: Combination of offered activities and rest

Saturday: Exploring Fairbanks and surrounding areas

Sunday: Attend church, brunch with debrief, and travel home

 *Pastors and wives only


Typical Cost: $2,000 

This cost covers the room and board for a pastor and wife for a typical week-long RenewU trip, adventures we provide, and local (Fairbanks) travel. *Airfare to Fairbanks not included.  *There may be additional charges if RenewU sets up external adventures that are beyond our scope (ex: Valdez fishing charter, sightseeing flights, etc.) 

Duration: One week

The typical retreat is from Sunday - Sunday. We can work with you on times and duration. This plans for one day of travel on each end of the retreat. 

Our week-long retreats are customized to the attendees to include the prime combination of Alaskan adventure and rest. Pastors are encouraged to bring their spouse along.

“As Pastors, our heart is the primary instrument of our vocation. With our heart, we engage the word of God, and listen to the leading of God, and tend to hurting souls entrusted to our care. We cannot maintain this important work if we do not tend to the condition of our own heart. Like a craftsman keeps his tools in good repair, so the pastor must keep his heart in prime condition. My time with the RenewU ministries has helped me do just that. In the wilds of Alaska, I had a chance to see the handiwork of God, the beauty of His creation, and to plunge deeply into meaningful rest and recreation. It was absolutely rejuvenating for my heart, and ultimately, (I trust) a blessing for my congregation.”
— Eric, Head Pastor at Bethel Church

To learn more about attending a retreat, sponsoring a pastor, supporting us, or for more information on RenewU contact us