RenewU Mission Statement

The Mission of RenewU is to, “glorify God by refreshing pastors and those engaged in ministry by following the Jesus example of retreating to the wilderness to pray and experience God in his creation and returning its participants to their individual ministries naturally inspired”.

Customized Retreats

RenewU currently caters to the needs and wants of the attending pastors and their wives. Retreats are a week long and contain a variety of activities led by our President, Jim Sackett. There are activities offered by RenewU, locals who support RenewU, local tourism options, and more intense options around Alaska. It doesn't have to be a packed trip, relaxing and time set aside to read is highly encouraged!

If you have books you've wanted to read, topics to study, or specific sections of the Bible to delve into - a RenewU retreat will set aside time and assistance can be provided. If you have an interest in management (being a good steward of church resources - people and money) or public relations/communications we can discuss your options. 

Do you have something else in mind? It never hurts to ask! RenewU's goal is to provide an affordable opportunity for a pastor and wife to have an Alaskan vacation that edifies, encourages, and enriches.  

Our target is to provide a place to refresh weary and tired pastors. RenewU also provides a place to rest and renew for people in ministry. It could be a part of a sabbatical, vacation, or because you want to visit Alaska.